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Combining Coaxial Valves with a Pressure Reducing Valve

What to do when the counter spindle of a CNC machine requires less pressure than the main spindle, but the pump is running continuously without control?

One Fits All

An angular seat valve for the cleaning of meat processing machines adjustable to different machine types – this was the task RSG had been set by a manufacturer of meat processing machines.

Save space, increase speed, minimize maintenance

Significantly extending maintenance intervals of valves at a plastic extruder and saving space. Those were the customer’s requirements for RSG’s development department.

Coaxial Valves in the Automotive Sector

Short switching cycles, high durability, compact design and good compatibility with viscous media. Those were the requirements of the Hungarian subsidiary of a German automotive supplier for RSG’s coaxial valves intended for the use in an oil supply system which fill automatic transmissions of a large German automobile manufacturer with oil. How RSG solved the problem can be found in Coaxial Valves in the Automotive Sector