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Combining Coaxial Valves with a Pressure Reducing Valve

Taking Out Pressure in Modular Design

What to do when the counter spindle of a CNC machine requires less pressure than the main spindle, but the pump is running continuously without control?

This was the problem a supplier to the watchmaking industry was faced with. For machining brass, cutting oil should be supplied via an on/off valve five times for one and a half minutes per part cycle. The pressure, however, was too high for machining on the counter spindle. A relatively expensive pump control system was to be avoided, so those responsible sought a solution at “valve level”.

So what to do? The best thing to do is to ask the tinkerers at RSG-Ventilutions. “When the customer described the facts to us, we knew immediately that we had another interesting challenge ahead of us,” smiles Vitali Gerlach from Technical Sales. As always, the first priority was to analyze and understand the customer’s problem in detail.

Once the task was clearly narrowed down, the right idea was quickly found. In order to reduce pressure for the supply of the counter spindle, the technicians decided to install externally controlled coaxial valves together with a pressure reducing valve in a valve block. The choice fell on the block from the 280 X series with nominal size DN10. The pressure reducing valve is from the 786 P DN12 series.


Fast Development Thanks to Ventilutions

In order to adapt the block and valves to the customer’s specific requirements, some design and technical changes were necessary, but in essence the technicians made use of their Ventilutions assembly kit. “With our modular design, we can develop faster and also cheaper,” explains industrial engineer Gerlach. “From customer inquiry to delivery took just four weeks. We were thus able to help our customer quickly.”

And the result? The new development of the valve block has eliminated the problem. And the customer has significantly improved the productivity, efficiency and availability of his machine. Now he wants to equip other machines with it.

We are here for you

We are here for you

Vitali Gerlach
Export / Technischer Vertrieb
Vitali Gerlach
Dipl.-Wirtschaftsingenieur (FH)