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One Fits All

Angular Seat Valves with Adjustable Spindle

The company located in the south of Germany produces cutters, mincers and emulsifiers for butchers and the meat processing industry. The machine sizes thus vary accordingly.


A Valve for All Meat Processing Machines

For automatic self cleaning, water and strong detergents have to pressed through the machine at high pressure. Said process is controlled by angular seat valves. In this case the valves function as shutoff valves and control the pressure with which the cleaning liquid is pumped through the unit. Depending on the machine size and the intended purpose of use the required pressure varies.

Nevertheless, the manufacturer insisted on using only one single valve type for the entire production line and requested angular seat valves with an adjustable spindle with which the valve stroke can be adjusted easily and precisely. As stipulated by food legislation, the valve had to be made completely from stainless steel.


Ventilutions Offers Cost-Efficient Solutions

RSG met these requirements within the scope of its Ventilutions program. With the Ventilutions program the development department uses an existing modular system as the basis for designing totally new valves. Only those components which cannot be found in the modular system are thus to be designed from scratch.


Saving Development Costs

Therefore, our customers benefit from a solution to their specific applications without huge amounts of development costs. In case of the mentioned manufacturer of meat processing machines the development costs could be entirely omitted due to the agreed delivery quantity.

In order to be able to offer a suitable valve, the engineers simply equipped the standard angular seat valve V4A, nominal size 1” with an infinitely variable stainless steel spindle. The spindel and the pin for visual inspection of the opening degree of the valve had to be newly designed.


Fast Development and Delivery

The overall time needed from the point of initial contact to the time of delivery of the first batch took only nine months. “Even with customized products we are able to react quickly thanks to Ventilutions. Ventilutions enables our customers to acutally use the requested valve within a short period of time”, states Jürgen Mayer happily. He was part of the technical sales team, who was responsible for taking care of the sales-related questions in the course of the described project.

We are here for you

We are here for you

Dieter Bänsch
Head of Sales
Dieter Bänsch
Dipl. Business Economist (FH)