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Fire Test


As soon as it smokes, smolders or even small flames convert into a fire, the fire needs to be extinguished.

But how do you extinguish the different types of fire? This is what the RSG staff recently has had the chance to test at a live company fire-extinguishing training. Immediately after the theoretical training on the basics they could put their knowledge into practice. The staff trained the handling of the fire extinguishers in realistic situations. „Of course one knows theoretically how a fire extinguisher works. But trying it for yourself gives confidence in the case of an emergency. And it was real fun, too”, reports Florian Köhler, who tested how to extinguish a gas flame with a CO2 extinguisher on the depot. And what is extinguished in which way? In production foam extinguishers are the method of choice. Electronic fires are best extinguished by using a CO2 extinguisher.

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